In the beginning of 2017 MOMALA and Amref started a partnership. The goal of the partnership is to be able to scale faster and be better able to protect the business. The partnership will benefit both companies on various aspects.
For MOMALA the partnership has 3 main reasons:

  1. The network of Amref in Africa and Malaria
    Amref has offices in 7 African countries and is active through projects in 30 African countries. Amref works with National Malaria Control Programmes and WHO in Malaria control and training Malaria microscopists. This gives MOMALA the possibility to rapidly scale.
  1. Fundraising activities
    Amref has offices in 12 western countries where it does fundraising. Each country has its own development goals and funds. This enables rapid fundraising for specific out roles in the future.
  1. Trusted brand
    Amref by being active in Africa for about 60 years has been building a very strong brand in the areas where it was active. We have seen with our own eyes that they have a lot of buy-in from local communities. This will speed up the process for alignment of all stakeholders.

MOMALA will be responsible for the delivery of the technology and hardware, but also for the further development of the technology.
Amref will act as the sales, training and distribution partner with access to the market. Together MOMALA and Amref will work on a scalable business model.